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ENMS Military Recognition

Service Member Name Military Branch Area Serving/Served Student/Staff Member Relationship
Mike Sharp Army (Military Intelligence Officer) Washington DC Stacey Kline Dad
Nick Musser Navy Virginia Logan Acker Brother
Logan Stein Navy Fort Meade, Maryland Sara Stein Son
Chase McCullough Air Force Kuwait Conner Cornell Brother-in-law
Emylee Smith Marines (Sergeant) Latvia Rory Field Sister
Dustin Daily Army Bryonna Sutton Brother
David McGee Navy Qatar Jade Terry Brother-in-law
Shane Smith Marines (Lance Corproal) California Ronda Huff Son
Joseph Olinger Army (Special Forces, Green Beret) Lousiana Sarah Ackerman/Phyllis Perkins Brother/Son
Dustin Monahan Army/Military Police Afghanistan, Kandahar (active deployed) Mason Monahan Dad
Joe Shull Army Arizona (active training) Zayn Shull Dad
Sikander Chowdhury Army National Guard Sergeant, South Carolina Ameera Gulley Dad
Jacie Coplin Air Force Alaska Wyatt Coplin Sister
Korbyn Diehm Navy Indiana Aubrey Diehm Dad
Gary Edgar Navy Norfolk Naval Station, Virginia Averie Edgar Brother
Gwendolyn Valenti Air Force Georgia Lincoln Valenti Sister
Bailey Thorngren Navy California Samantha Oakes Sister
Tim Dusseau Army National Guard Indiana Dominic Dusseau Dad
Josiah Hand Navy South Carolina Zeb & Silas Hand Brother
Lucas Hand Navy South Carolina Zeb & Silas Hand Brother
David McGee Navy Africa Ashley McGee/Alicen McGee Brother/Cousin
Alexis Wilson Air Force Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma TJ Fry Sister
Nicholas Jones Military Police Brandon Jones Uncle
Justice Hamilton Army reserves Brooke Cain Nephew
Ben Joy Army deployed now Brooke Cain Nephew
Bernardo Gtonzalez Air Force Eduardo Gonzalez Uncle
Michael Weaver Marines Hunter Weaver Cousin
Thomas Weible Unknown California Mylee Swogger Cousin
Tyler Trappe Army Amrie Trappe Uncle
Steven Mize Air Force North Dakota Katrina Mize Uncle
Travis Slone Air Force Destin, FL Riann Ramer Cousin
Christopher Fregeau Navy Hawaii Katie White Cousin
Lindsey Diehm Navy retired Aubrey Diehm Mom
John Maxson Air National Guard retired Mylee Swogger Uncle
Thomas Fischer Navy retired Alexis Fischer Dad
Brian Trappe Air Force retired Amrie Trappe Uncle
Todd Beachy Army retired, mechanic Kora Beachy Dad
Ramus __ Army retired  Nikolas Huff Great Uncle
Terry Aleshire Army retired Lauryl Aleshire Dad
Brad Anderson Army (Sergeant 1st Class) retired Kylie Anderson Dad
Brad __ Army retired Jalyn Thompson Uncle
Kenneth Krantz Army  retired Gavin Krantz Dad
Hannah White Army  retired Austin White Mom
Samuel Havard Army 2009-2012--Operation Enduring Freedom OEF 9, Afghanistan Stacey Kline Brother
Dave Havard Army 1975-1981--Ft. Campbell and Germany Stacey Kline Dad
Andrea Sharp Army 1982-1999--various locations Stacey Kline Mom
Chris Sharp Marines 2009-2014--Quick Reaction Force-Ebola-West Africa and Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan Stacey Kline Brother
Robert Burnside Air Force Stacey Kline Grandfather
David Burnside Air Force 1980-1985--Vance AFB Stacey Kline Uncle
Nick Brown Navy 2000-2004--Operation Southern Watch and Operation Iraqi Freedom Stacey Kline Cousin
Kenneth Buttgen "Boomer" Army Corporal WWII--Belgium, France, & Germany (built bridges & defused leftover bombs) Sarah Buttgen Grandfather
Robert Heller Army Military Police WWII--US (spent time guarding POWs) Sarah Buttgen Grandfather
Rob Heller Army Vietnam War--Vietnam & Germany (Repaired Helicopters) Sarah Buttgen Uncle
Norman Carr Army (Private First Class, 2x’s Purple Heart, Bronze Star) WWII--Pacific (Phillipines) Scott Kabrich Grandfather
William Martin Marines 1949-1952--California & Guam Sarah Ackerman/Phyllis Perkins Grandfather/Dad